Water Balloon Battle

Have a blast throwing water balloons at each other.

Roller Coaster

Elevated ride set up to ride right into the foam. Loads of fun!

Jellie Pools

Baby pools filled with colored jellie.

Rainbow Foam

Colored foam in a multitude of colors.

Color Stations

Powdered colors


We have many different obstacles to choose from.

Slip & Slide

Our super Slip & Slide can be used with foam or without foam.

Super Heros

Add of our many Super Heros to your next Foam Party.

Bubble Machine

Tons of bubble adding to the fun of your Foam Party.


Add a Games package to your Foam Party for loads of fun!

YoYo Water Balloons

Our YoYo Water Balloons provide hours of fun.

Snow Cones

Add refreshing Snow Cones to your Foam Party. Very cool!

Cotton Candy

Light and airy, our Cotton Candy is a dream come true.


Pop up more fun with our fesh made Popcorn.


Add some spice with our fresh hot Nachos.

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